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B & G Performance's mission statement is to provide you with the best tuning solutions, performance parts, and customer service possible. Our facility is committed to providing our customers with well researched premium products and top notch customer service. It is our goal to only improve this commitment to excellence. We may take a few moments longer to answer your questions but rest assured that the end result will be to provide you with the best tuning service.

With the added support of a fully staffed customer service and research and development center, we will decrease lead times and increase the ease of getting in touch with a knowledgeable and friendly technician that can support you through the tuning process. As an added benefit we will offer E.O. Certified and 50 State legal tunes to OEM retailers and the aftermarket parts manufacturing community. We will continue to offer CARB certified tunes to daily driven and off road use only calibrations to track use modified vehicles.

Click Here to Download a calibration form. Include this form with your PCM/ECU and/or TCM upon arrival for service.

About B & G Performance

World renowned driveline tuner David Kasper and B & G Performance. With over 25 years of experience in tuning, dyno calibration, and both drag and road racing he is unquestionably a master at his craft, bringing a vast array of both general and application specific knowledge to our staff. Dave has tuned literally every application possible from positive displacement blowers, centrifugal superchargers, single and twin turbo’s, to naturally aspirated and nitrous combinations, as well as duel power adder apps. Dave’s expertise is not limited by the geographic origin of vehicles, as such he is able to tune most makes of high end European performance and luxury/performance vehicles as well as domestic variants from Chrysler, Ford, and GM. Dave specializes in complete driveline tuning, meaning both transmission(TCU/TCM) and engine(PCM/ECU) code modifications. He is a recognized and certified SCT, HPtuner, and DiabloSport tuner, though it’s his ability to read and modify OEM code and if necessary create his own application specific hardware that truly separates him from other great tuners of the world. Dave brings a lifetime of experience backed with credentials and results to our driveline tuning program. Here are a few more of his accomplishments. 14 years with Chrysler Corporation with a position as a Service Engineer/Software Development Engineer, 500 hours + of Chrysler Vehicle training, Viper Certified, Certified in C/C++, Certified in Motorola programming language, and there’s more.