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Hemi tuning, B&G Performance has been tuning HEMI engines since the beginning. We were the first company ever with the capabilities of tuning the GEN III HEMI's back in 2003 when they first came out and the first company again with the capabilities to tune the 2011 and up new GPEC PCM's, along with being the first company again with the capabilities to tune a 2018 Dodge Demon. Couple that with our over 20 years of experience in the automotive tuning world and you have a winning combination for your HEMI powered vehicles tuning needs. Below you will find a short list of some of our capabilities. For a more comprehensive overview of what we have to offer please call one of our technicians at (888) 248-8633.

  • Revised Premium fuel & timing tables
  • Rev limit raised
  • Speed limit raised
  • No torque management

  • 426 whipple cog 1100hp

  • BG Performance 2011 SRT8 AKA "Hellcat Killer" 1100HP/1048TQ
  • HEMI Engines We Can Tune

    5.7 HEMI Engine

    5.7L Based HEMI Engines

    5.7L Based HEMI eTorque Engines

    6.1 HEMI Engine

    6.1L Based HEMI Engines

    6.4L Based HEMI Engines

    6.2 HEMI Engine

    6.2L Based HEMI HellCat/DEMON Engines