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Wednesday, January 28, 2015 7:10:43 PM

2005-2010 Dodge SRT8 (6.1L) - SS Racer Package Tuning

B&G “SRT 8” 2005 - 2010 300C/Magnum/Charger/Challenger/Durango/Jeep (NGC) – $ See below includes shipping (Ground) (*)

This PCM upgrade is designed for Off-Road and Race use only, This PCM upgrade is for stock or modified vehicles see details below

Stage 0 Street 05-06-07-08-09-10 Domestic Vehicles $349.00 DiabloSport Predator base unit – For stock to slightly modified vehicles

Stage II Street/Strip 2005- 2010 Domestic & International Vehicles $375.00 flashed PCM or Flashed into Handheld programmer ($650) includes shipping (Ground)(*)

Super Charged or NOS Modified Timing packages also available

Below modification list will vary based on vehicle modifications and/or requested customer or vendor request and or drivetrain options auto or manual transmission

  • Rev limit raised to 6450
  • Idle speed raised to 700–900(based upon installed camshaft and or modifications) 700 is the default (2005-2012)
  • Cooler engine fan on temp
  • Cooler transmission overheat on fan temp
  • Firmer Shifts
  • No stall air/fuel torque management
  • No stall timing torque management
  • Modified shift torque management
  • Modified tip in spark retard
  • Modified throttle pedal/blade filter
  • Modified Down Stream o2 sensors algorithms
  • Modified A/C off at WOT feature
  • Modified knock sensor algorithms
  • Modified closed to open loop time
  • Modified closed to open loop fuel enrichment curve
  • Modified P/N rev limit

Stage III Strip 2005- 2010 Domestic & International Vehicles – Custom Racer Packages **Call for details**

B&G Dodge SS Racer Package Hemi/Magnum/Viper V10 Auto or Manual Packages

  • B&G Stage III Racer Package
  • These will be custom tunes optimized for vehicle ordered specific package- All B&G Stage upgrades available based on Engine/Trans/Engine management configuration
  • Optimized Race fuel & timing (Fuel Oct Dependent or based on customer request)
  • We can come to you – Mobile tuning services will be available
  • *** Call for Details***
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B&G Custom Hemi – Live on-the-fly Tuning –(In House Tuning) (04-2010 NGC) - $900-$1200

Pricing depends on the amount of instrumentation required to custom tune
This PCM upgrade is designed for the customer who wants his own vehicle custom tuned for optimal output and customized based on the vehicle modifications

All the features of the B&G Stage II upgrade, but optimized for optimal output with vehicle modifications. Note: insure vehicle has correct fuel octane blend for optimal tuning

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